Ways to Donate

Please follow our FaceBook page to learn more about our Onkelos Scholars. Each scholar has a #firsttime story to share on a weekly basis. Learn how they are embracing their journey towards self-actualization by way of a formal education. Donate any amount to keep their dream alive.paypal_donate_button_

Onkelos Adopt-A-Scholar Program

See an Onkelos Scholar on our FaceBook page who inspires you? Our Adopt-A-Scholar program gives you the opportunity to play a familial role in their journey. When family ostracisation is the price paid for pursuing a formal education, new family-of-choice is critical in the journey toward success. In adopting a scholar, you can help them stay focused on their studies without worrying who will co-sign their lease, co-sign their student loans, or even help them with car insurance. These small details matter so much to underprivileged scholars without traditional family support. Donate to adopt a scholar for one year.

  • Donate tax-deductible funds, goods and services directly to your  Onkelos Scholar of choice (e.g. car insurance, rental assistance, food vouchers, etc.)
  • Be paired with your Onkelos Scholar of choice for one year.
  • Pay once and watch your investment multiply in a newly-earned family member.
  • Exclusive one-to-one access with your adopted scholar to learn about their weekly trials and tribulations, successes and joys.
  • Renew your donation annually to continue supporting your Onkelos Scholar of choice.